Private MyLofts Salon Studios Are Ideal For Teeth Whiteners in Edmonton

Teeth whitening professionals are some of the most in demand specialists in salons and spa today. If you've been refining your techniques working for a salon owner for a couple of years and you're ready to branch out on your own, it's the ideal time to do it.

Instead of taking on a risky investment and buying your own salon you have a better option. At MyLofts you can establish your own teeth whitening practice without all the baggage that you'll have to deal with when you purchase your own salon studio in Edmonton.

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Customize Your Space and Make it Your Own

We want you to think of your MyLofts salon studio rental in Edmonton as your own space that you can customize and tweak to fit your own style and profession. Each private salon studio rental for your teeth whitening business includes brand new salon chairs and a top-quality sink ideal for your tooth whitening business along with tons of cabinet space, but you can add your own personal touches as you see fit.

If you need to bring in extra rolling tables for a more flexible workspace and client comfort you can do that. We understand that each one of our salon owners has unique needs and requirements for their business.

Answer Demand and Grow Your Client List

If part of the reason you're branching off on your own is because you need more freedom to meet growing demand for your teeth whitening business, we understand. There are a lot of people out there that want to be able to show off their nice white smile.

When you decide to open a private salon studio in a MyLofts space, you have complete freedom to bring all those clients with you and to add to your client list to meet pent up demand. This is your independent business, and you are the decision maker when it comes to deciding how the business will grow over the years ahead.

Have Additional Questions on the Fit of Your Teeth Whitening Business in a MyLofts Salon Studio Rental --- Check Out Our FAQ Page

Make Your Teeth Whitening Business Shine With Better Branding

Now that you're launching your own teeth whitening business it's your chance to shine - no pun intended. After years of hard work, you now have your own salon studio in Edmonton, and you can build your own teeth whitening business how you want to.

That means you're in charge of your own brand and you get to choose what the face of your company looks like to the outside world.

As a MyLofts salon owner you're going to have more free time than the average business owner because we take care of things like paying the utilities, making sure fast Wi-fi is available and filling each salon with modern equipment. That gives you more free time to build your teeth whitening brand.

Set Hours Around Your Clients Schedules

We live in a world where many traditional business practices of the past have been left behind by innovative companies with creative solutions to make customer service better. That includes daytime business hours.

You get to be part of that wave of innovative service companies when you base your tooth whitening salon out of a MyLofts rental space. The building itself is available to you 24/7, so you can go in and out of your salon studio whenever you need to. You set your hours and you can make them as flexible as they need to be for your clients.

You Control Service Pricing

We've talked about it already, but it's worth bringing up again. When you run a tooth whitening business through a MyLofts salon you are in complete control. It's your business and you get to choose how the business looks to the outside world, how many clients you take on and what you're going to charge each one of those clients.

There isn't going to be anyone looking over your shoulder telling you what you need to charge for a whitening session. You can set the price based on what experience and the market tells you. All profits are yours. The only thing you must pay to MyLofts is your weekly salon studio rental fees.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

A great way to make some supplemental income is to sell some tooth whitening products and dental hygiene products from your salon. It's up to you to decide what products you'll have on your shelves for your clients and those profits are yours as well.

Share and Network for Growth

Most salon-based businesses offer complimentary services - chances are if you have a client scheduled for a whitening appointment they may be interested in a set of new nails as well.

MyLofts is a unique set up with a community of individual salon owners in a variety of fields. There's nothing stopping you from recommending your neighbors nail tech business or them recommending your teeth whitening salon. In fact, we encourage that type of cooperation between our tenants.

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