Build Your Tattoo Business in a Private MyLofts Studio

Opening your own tattoo studio can be an exciting prospect for a tattoo artist. The only problem is you must worry about a lot more than just your great artistic creations that your clients crave.

You need to find a property, work out lease details, furnish it with everything you need and provide a large down payment if you’re buying property for your business.

There’s a better way to start a tattoo business; by moving into a ready-to-use, private, available 24/7, salon studio rental at MyLofts located on Whyte Ave in Edmonton.

You won’t have to worry about anything except paying your rent and creating amazing artistic creations on the bodies of your clients.

Check Out Our Available, Move-in-Ready Studios For Your Tattoo Artist Business

Customize Your Space

A great tattoo shop needs a little character. You need to be able to display your works for your clients to appreciate and to give them ideas of what they might like for themselves. It’s also necessary to have some great tunes playing while you work.

When you move into a private MyLofts studio in Edmonton, you get to customize your space with all your personal touches and pick the style of music that plays in the background.

You’ll start with our blank canvas that includes brand new chairs, stainless steel sinks and custom cabinets for storage and display and build on top of it to make it your tattoo studio with your style.

Grow Your Client Base

If you’ve been a tattoo artist for a while, then you have quite a list of clients that plan to come to see you when it’s time for some new ink. When you start your own tattoo business with the MyLofts platform you can bring those clients with you and begin to grow from there. We provide tools such as the schedulicity app for tattoo appointment bookings in Edmonton and your own bio on our site, but you can use any other tools you like to help build a healthy client base for your new studio. We think our beautifully designed move-in-ready studios will help you attract new clients in no time.

Establish and Build Your Independent Brand

Every tattoo artist has their own unique style and personality. That style is like your own brand and with your own salon ready to go, you can begin to spread the word and grow that brand to levels that wouldn’t be possible without your own space.

As an independent business owner, you control where things go and how you build your valuable brand. The difference is you have a lot more time to work on your brand building because you don’t have to worry about other tasks such as paying the utilities or purchasing and upgrading infrastructure.

Set Your Own Operating Hours

Regular hours are for bankers, not tattoo artists. When you launch your own business in a MyLofts salon you don’t have to set your hours to suit other people. Our building is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you think you’ll attract a lot more clients by working weekends and evenings, then you can set your hours accordingly. You can even offer a midnight special if you think it will attract more clients, the choice is yours. Don’t let others dictate your business hours for you.

Full Pricing Control

A great tattoo artist can set their own price and that’s completely in your control. We don’t have any say over what you charge and we wouldn’t have it any other way. This is your business — you should decide what the price of a tattoo is and what your efforts are worth. All profits are yours as well, the only thing you pay for when operating your business out of a MyLofts salon is your weekly rental cost.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

If you have some great products you want to sell out of your studio you have the freedom to do so. Chances are your clients will turn to you for advice to care for their new tattoo after leaving your studio so why shouldn’t they buy the products they need directly from you. You can sell aftercare salve and other products from your own salon; you get to set the prices for them and choose which brands you promote.

Share and Network With Everyone in The MyLofts Community

It seems like every other person has some great ink displayed on their bodies these days and every person you meet is a potential client or knows someone who is. MyLofts is home to many types of clients such as hair stylists, massage therapists and lash technicians. It’s a complete community of beauty professionals and a network of colleagues you can look to for referrals.

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