Salon Studio Rentals for Massage Therapists in Edmonton

With more people living stressful lives the popularity of the massage therapy industry in Edmonton has never been stronger. The release of tension a good massage therapist offers their clients is something many can’t live without.

If you find yourself in the position of being a massage therapist with a reputation for having magic hands it might be time to consider starting your own business.

MyLofts provides private, move-in-ready studios on Whyte Avenue, for you to embrace your entrepreneurial side without many of the challenges that business owners usually must deal with.

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Creative Space Customization

One of the great things about owning your own business is that you get to make all of the decorating decisions. That’s certainly true if you purchase your own property for your business, but that’s an expensive way to go.

We provide our clients with their own space to build their business and they have complete freedom to customize the space to suit their needs. You’ll start with a solid foundation of a salon studio rental provided by MyLofts, but you can make cosmetic changes to suit your own needs and style.

Bring Your Clients and Find New Ones

When you decide to start your own massage therapy business with MyLofts it’s the beginning of a new adventure that will change your life. This is your own business in every sense of the word including control of the clients you start with and the new clients that will choose you as you grow the business.

Being a business owner that rents a salon studio from MyLofts in Edmonton, you have total control over who you accept as a client and there are no limits on the number of clients you can accept.

Build Your Own Massage Therapy Brand

When you go into business for yourself it’s your chance to shine. This is true for any business, but for a massage therapist it might have added meaning.

Word usually gets around quickly if you’re a therapist with the ability to make tension melt away with a deft touch of your hands.

With your own private salon through MyLofts, you can work on making sure the value of your brand is optimized just how you want it to be. You're in control of your own branding and you get to work on it without worrying about all the minute details that are taken care of by MyLofts.

Set Your Own Business Hours

Any truly independent business should have the flexibility to set their own rules and that includes deciding when they’ll be open for business. When you open your own massage therapy business on the backbone of the MyLofts platform, you get to control every aspect of your new business and that includes setting your hours of operation.

You will have access to your studio 24/7 so you can offer flexible appointments to your clients to suit their own schedules and you can open as many days of the week as you like.

Set Your Own Price Structure

As the owner of a massage therapy business in Edmonton, you may want to vary your pricing structure with different rates for short sessions or longer sessions. When you run your business from a MyLofts salon you get to decide how much you charge for each session.

We provide the structure, but you build every other aspect of your business yourself and that includes the prices you charge for each massage session.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

As a massage therapy business owner there are a lot of potential products you might sell out of your MyLofts salon to increase your revenue and you have complete freedom to decide what they are.

You can choose to sell oils, candles, bath salts and massage technique books as an extra source of income for your business. The products you choose to sell are only limited by your imagination. All of the profits from these sales are yours and you get to set the price you charge for them.

A Ready-Made Network of Business Contacts

The MyLofts community is made up of many different business owners from a range of backgrounds. You may find your massage therapy studio right next door to a barber, tattoo artist or a nail technician.

Everyone of them has their own unique client base and life experiences that can help you grow your own business. You never know when a lunchtime conversation may turn into a new business opportunity. Networking is a great way to help grow your business and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to do that from your MyLofts massage therapy salon.

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