Why Lash Technicians Should Rent a MyLofts Salon Studio

It’s no secret, people are willing to invest in their lashes. In fact, great lash technicians are in demand right now, making it the perfect time to start your own business in Edmonton if you’re a trained technician with creative skills that are the envy of your peers.

You now have a great platform to launch your new business. A move-in-ready salon studio at MyLofts is your ticket to build a successful salon studio business as a lash technician without the usual roadblocks.

Customize Your Space With Personality

One of the number one reasons that beauty professionals and stylists in Edmonton like you choose to start their own business in a MyLofts studio is because they get to customize the space to make it reflect their personality.

We provide a salon with everything you need to get going including salon chairs, desks and custom cabinetry, but you can transform this basic salon space into a one that speaks to you and attracts more clients. It’s your space and it should have your personality in every nook and cranny.

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Bring Your Clients and Find New Ones

For any lash technician business, there has to be a strong client base. You may already have an extensive list of clients when you begin your MyLofts experience, or you may be just getting started.

Either way, you will always have full control over the clients you work with and how you communicate with potential new clients. All aspects of business building and client growth are down to you. You can take on as many clients as you can handle or service an exclusive list of clients. We’ll never try to control your client base.

In fact, whether it be on our social media channels or through Google searches, we’re actively promoting your services to potential new clients as well!

Grow Your Independent Brand

The importance of your brand strength should never be overlooked. It’s not easy differentiating yourself from other lash technicians without establishing excellent brand recognition.

It takes time and effort to build a successful brand and operating your lash technician business out of a MyLofts private studio in the trendy Whyte Ave neighbourhood frees your time to work on brand building.

That extra time you have available to develop your brand power can lead to greater success and more clients signing up for appointments.

Work the Hours You Want

As you grow your business you may want to put in some extra hours to offer your clients more options to fit in an appointment for eyelash extensions that suits their schedule. With your MyLofts private salon chair rentals, you can adjust your operating hours to fit your business needs and to meet the requests of your clients.

If you have a client that works odd hours and they’re asking you to work around their crazy schedule you can choose to accommodate them. You have access to the building 24/7 and it’s completely up to you when you book appointments, which you can conveniently do through the Schedulicity app.

Set Your Own Price

It takes a great deal of skill to become an in demand eyelash technician — creating beautiful lashes takes time and patience. A good technician can demand a premium fee for every appointment and what you decide to charge your clients is between you and them.

We don’t tell MyLofts salon owners how to set their prices and we don’t take a cut of the price either. All the profits from each appointment are the salon owners and that goes in their own pockets. If the rents covered, we leave you to develop and build your business as you think it should be built.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

Another terrific way to make revenue through your MyLofts business is by selling your own product as well. As an eyelash technician working out of one of our state-of-the-art salons you control all aspects of your business.

You can treat it as your retail business and sell any type of product you feel compliments your business that your clients might ask you about such as eyelash cleaner, mascara, and eyeliner. The choice is yours — it’s your salon and you choose which products you keep in stock for your clients.

Share and Network With the MyLofts Community

You may have your own salon space at MyLofts, but that doesn’t mean you’re isolated. There are many different salon owners just like you that are building a great business from the MyLofts platform.

Getting to know your neighbors is a fantastic way to grow your business as you can help each other with referrals. There’s a good chance the hairstylist down the hall will have a few clients looking for some great eyelash extensions.

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