Why MyLofts Salon Studio Rentals are Ideal for Hair Stylists in Edmonton

If you're a great hairstylist with a growing list of clients that ask for you by name, the time might be right to consider opening your own hair salon in Edmonton.

It's one of those professions that always attracts a loyal list of customers that just don't want to go to anyone else when it's time to make a hair appointment.

Instead of taking on a lease for a standalone property, in a less than desirable Edmonton location, and all the associated risks, you now have a better option.

MyLofts has salon studio rentals in our private studios that cater to your business with all the furnishings and custom cabinetry you need to get started right now.

We've worked with great stylists just like you who have turned their rental salon space into a thriving business.

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Make Your Space Your Own With Customization

All of our private salon studios, located off Whyte Avenue, come equipped with some standard features that any stylist and beauty professional will need, from modern salon chairs to premium sinks. We like to think of it as your starting place, though where you take it from there is only limited by your own imagination.

You have complete control of how your salon is customized, personalized decorations and the layout of products you sell to clients is all in your hands. MyLofts provides the basic blueprint for your business with a nice, clean, private, modern space for you to use.

Build and Expand Your Clientele

Growing and expanding your hairstylist business doesn't have to be a frustrating experience when you have a great starting point like your MyLofts salon studio to build it from.

We know you have your loyal patrons that won't hesitate to support you in your new venture because they just couldn't picture themselves having their hair cut and styled by anybody else.

The challenge is to add to that loyal base now that you have your own salon to work from, and with complete control of how you run your business you can take on that challenge with confidence.

Create Your Own Brand Renting a Salon Chair With MyLofts

Now that the foundation is in place, you can concentrate on establishing and growing your brand. It's time to take everything you've learned from your hairstylist mentors about how they built their brand and put that knowledge to work for your own brand and business.

MyLofts has tools for scheduling bookings, and we'll set you up with a profile on our site, but it's up to you how you promote your brand. If you have some great ideas, you can start using them in the real world and get ready for the steady increase in your Edmonton client base you can expect when you build a successful brand.

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Work When You Want

It might not be easy for your clients to fit in a hair appointment with you, their favourite stylist, on their lunch hour. When you invest in a salon chair rental at MyLofts, you have the flexibility to change your operating hours to suit your clients' needs better.

If you have a client that loves what you do for their hair, but they can only fit in a hair appointment after finishing their midnight shift you can make it work for them if you choose to. You have access to our secure building and your salon 24/7 so set the hours you want and let your clients know you're open for business.

Establish Your Service Price

As a hairstylist in demand, you can demand a higher price because of the quality of work that you do. What you charge for a session with your clients is completely up to you and the profits are all yours.

You'll pay a weekly rate to MyLofts and the rest stays in your pocket. If you like to offer a special rate for your senior clients on fixed incomes, you can do that to — we won't set any limits on you as far as pricing is concerned.

Promote and Sell Your Favorite Products

If there's one thing we've learned from our Edmonton hair stylist business owners over the years, it's that they swear by their hair care products. There's a good chance your clients will probably love the products you do as well since they love what you do for their hair.

When you set up a salon in a MyLofts space it really is yours to run as you like. If you want to promote and sell a full range of hair care products to your clients to create an additional revenue stream you can. This is your hair stylist business in Edmonton and you make all promotional and sales decisions.

Join the MyLofts Community

You'll find there are a lot of other great stylists and beauty professionals working out of MyLofts salons just like you. We have massage therapists, tattoo artists, nail technicians and many others building their businesses right alongside you. Creating great relationships with them will not only make your workday more pleasant, but you'll also be able to refer clients to each other as well.
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