The Salon Studio Rental Opportunity for Facialists at MyLofts

If you're a facialist in Edmonton with a growing following of clients that swear by your exfoliation and extraction techniques then it's time to consider opening your own facialist business.

There are different approaches and avenues you can take to start your own beauty company, but at MyLofts we offer a straightforward solution so you can spend most of your time doing what you do best — giving clients fantastic facial treatments.

Our ready-to-move-in salon studio rentals are ideal for a facialist business, and we have an excellent location on trendy Whyte Avenue in Edmonton.

Customize Your New Space the Way You Want

While we think we provide you with some great salon studio space that you can work from without any changes, you're more than welcome to customize your new space the way you want it.

There are some things that all good salons have in common such as comfortable salon chairs for clients and lots of cabinet space to store all your supplies and those are already here ready for you.

From there you can add any extras you need to make it the perfect place to work your facial magic. It's your space and we think it should reflect that in its look and feel.

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Promote Your Business and Grow Your Client Base

Those clients that already refuse to go to anyone else for their facials are a great foundation for your new private salon studio, but now that you have your own space it's time to grow your facialist business in Edmonton.

We provide access to a helpful appointment app called Schedulicity and you can post your profile on our site, but you don't have to stop there, and you shouldn't. Promote your new business on social media, take advantage of word of mouth from your favorite clients and spread the word to friends and family. How you want to approach building your client base is in your hands.

Control and Direct Your Branding

Those special techniques you use and your personal interactions with your clients are all part of establishing your brand. As an independent business owner renting a salon studio from MyLofts you'll always be in complete control of your branding.

You, as a successful Edmonton-based facialist business owner, are bringing personality and style to the table and that's all part of your brand — what makes your business stand out in a crowded marketplace. Now you can promote that and let the world know what your existing clients already know — you provide your clients with high quality facials they'll love every time.

Break With Tradition and Set Your Own Hours

There are many great traditions that are simply fine the way they are, but The 9 to 5 world that’s been so popular for many decades now isn’t one of them. Our rapidly changing world has forced the business world to rethink what normal business hours are. Today any business owner, including facialists, must be willing to adjust to suit their clients.

If most of your clients want facials between the hours of 5pm and 9pm, then that’s when you should be booking most of your appointments. When you start your business with a MyLofts salon studio rental in Edmonton, you can set the hours that make the most sense.

You’re in control and you can always access the building 24/7. It’s safe and secure for both you and your clients. We have a feeling your clients will appreciate your flexible schedule and that will lead to further growth of your facialist business.

Freedom to Set Your Own Price

If you ask any salon business owner that operates out of MyLofts what they like most about it, we’re quite sure more than a few of them will tell you it’s the freedom. Not just the freedom to build your brand and set your own hours we’ve already mentioned, but true business freedom in every sense of the word. That includes setting your own price for your services. What you charge for a facial is up to you — you decide what’s fair and reasonable.

Sell Your Favorite Products to Clients

As a facialist you’re bound to have your own favorite products including masks, scrubs, cleansers, and moisturizers. There’s a thorough list of products you might want to offer your clients and you can include all of them or a select few. The choice is yours. If you want to add to your product line up in the future you can do so any time you like.

Network Possibilities With the MyLofts Community

When you make the decision to become a MyLofts salon studio owner you’re opening up a new world of possibilities for your business. There are many other salon operators that choose our platform such as nail technicians, barbers and massage therapists — all of them have great clients and through networking, some of those clients may choose to make an appointment with you as well.

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