Private MyLofts Salon Studios Are Ideal For Estheticians in Edmonton

As an esthetician in Edmonton, the health and vitality of your clients’ skin is central in establishing your reputation, but once you’ve built that reputation working for someone else what comes next?

You could look for financing to open your own salon and many do, although that route can be expensive, stressful and time consuming.

There is a better way to launch your independent esthetician business with a salon studio rental from MyLofts in Edmonton on Whyte Avenue. There are a ton of benefits in building your business this way and we’ll explore them below.

Customize Your Space

As a beauty professional in Edmonton, you as an esthetician may have a lot in common with similar professions such as Stylists and nail technicians, but there are plenty of differences based on your unique needs.

When you rent a private salon studio from MyLofts you can customize your space so that it’s better tailored to meet the needs of a skincare professional like you. Our beauty studios for rent are generously equipped with salon chairs, premium sinks, custom cabinetry, and tables - everything you need to get started. You can then take that base and make it your own.

Build Your Own Client Base

When you’re starting your own esthetician business it helps if you already have clients that love your work and that’s why the salon rental option can be an excellent choice if you have a powerful reputation in the beauty world.

Starting a business isn’t for everyone, but it’s a lot less risky if you have your own client base already and you can walk into a setup like MyLofts.

You can concentrate on growing that client base you’ve already established, without worrying about the tedious process of setting up a salon. We have move-in-ready units waiting for you.

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Establish Your Independence & Brand

Even if you have years of experience as an esthetician it’s hard to stamp your own personality on your profession when you’re working for somebody else. Choosing to rent a salon studio through MyLofts allows you to build your own esthetician business with your own personal flair without a lot of the risk involved when you set up shop in your own standalone business.

You can concentrate on building your brand and not worry about whether the utilities are paid for the month or if you’ve paid your internet provider so that you have a reliable Wi-fi connection. When you launch through a MyLofts salon all of that is taken care of.

Set Your Own Hours

It might not always make sense to operate your esthetician salon during the traditional business hours of 9 to 5. That’s when many people are at work themselves and they’re usually not visiting a salon for skin care treatments.

With a MyLofts salon in Edmonton, you have complete control of setting your own hours just like any independent business should have. You can adjust your hours to suit the needs of your clients so if you want to open 11 AM to 8 PM on weekdays and offer weekend appointments you can do that. It’s entirely up to you to decide what hours work best for your business.

Set Your Own Price

The MyLofts setup is a simple one for our clients. When you rent a salon from us you get to set your own price. There’s a weekly rate for the rental, but pricing is entirely up to you and all revenue goes to you to invest and grow your business.

As an established esthetician in high demand, the potential is limitless, and we won’t hold you back from setting a price that makes a tidy profit for you and one that your clients are comfortable paying.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

As a beauty care professional and an esthetician in Edmonton, you have your own preferences when it comes to creams and other skincare products. If you want to sell product from your favourite brands to your regular clients, you can do that. MyLofts will never tell you what products you should be recommending to customers — that’s your choice and yours alone.

Share and Network With the MyLofts Community

It’s great to be able to run your own business and build your own independent client base through a ready-to-use salon rental studio, but that doesn’t mean you have to work in isolation.

Our individual salon rental clients get the added bonus of being part of a larger community of professionals. As you establish healthy relationships with other professionals such as nail technicians and hair stylists in the MyLofts building you can share ideas and even recommend members of this greater community to your own clients.

That can be a win for every professional that rents from MyLofts as you can share clients and grow together.

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