Why Barbers Thrive Independently at MyLofts in Edmonton

There’s nothing like a professional shave to put you in the right mood to take on a busy week. A great barber does a lot more than just cut their clients' hair — they use all the tools of the trade from razors, trimmers, clippers, and combs to create exactly what their client is looking for.

If you’re a barber in Edmonton with clients that can’t wait for their next appointment, it’s time to consider branching out on your own.

That can be a big decision to make and starting your own business is a lot of work. At MyLofts, we’ve created a framework for the salon studio owner that makes the process much easier.

Own Your Barber Space and Customize It

It starts with a salon studio rental that’s completely your own. Sure, it comes with salon chairs, modern cabinets and a brand-new premium sink, but those things are just the base that you can build your new barber business on.

This is your space, and you can add your stamp to it. If you’ve got an antique barber pole that a family member bought for you on graduation you can bring that with you — if you prefer to keep your decor ultra-modern, you can do that as well. This is like any other business, it’s yours to build from the ground up.

Use Every Tool to Build Your Client Base

That client base you brought with you at the start of your MyLofts adventure is just the beginning, you can now use every tool available to you to build on that original client list and attract new clients.

There are no limitations on the tactics you can use to bring in more customers, although we do provide our MyLofts tenants access to a powerful app called schedulicity that can be used for appointment booking. All MyLofts business owners have the option to create a profile page on our site to increase their visibility as well.

More Time to Build Your Brand

Now that you’re an independent barber business owner in Edmonton, it’s time to look at your brand and how you can make it better. Every successful business has an identity that customers and clients can easily recognize.

Your new barber salon at MyLofts is your own brand and you decide what it’s going to look like to the world outside your salon. You don’t have to worry about many of the everyday tasks that other business owners do such as paying utility bills because we do that for you. That leaves tons of extra time to devote to your brand development.

Better Customer Service With Flexible Hours

Instead of making your clients rush after work to make an appointment before you close for the evening, you can operate flexible hours. Our building is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s your choice what hours you plan on opening for clients.

You Make the Pricing Decisions

A barber in hot demand can charge a premium and we won’t hold you back. Pricing is something you set, and we will never tell you what your price should be. You can set your prices for a cut and shave based on what your competitors have done or however else you want to go about it. As the owner of an independent barber business, you have the final say on all business decisions including pricing.

You Choose the Products You Use and Sell

There is a range of products that you can buy at most barbershops, and it should be no different for you as a barber based out of a MyLofts salon.

We leave it up to you to decide which products you want to sell for your clients to enjoy at home. If you want to stock texture paste, beard balm, beard oil and shampoo on your shelves there’s nothing stopping you. You choose the products, set the price and benefit from the profits.

The MyLofts Salon Community is A Networking Opportunity

We have a variety of different salon owners operating businesses out of MyLofts and all of them are potential networking opportunities for you. As you establish relationships with them you can share ideas and refer clients to each other.

Networking is a powerful tool for business owners and the MyLofts system provides a great platform to build your business network through our community of salon owners.

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