Take the Quiz – Is a Salon Studio Rental Next in Your Career as a Beauty Pro?

Business ownership and independence can be highly profitable and gratifying; however, it’s not a fit for everyone.

As a hairstylist, esthetician, tattoo artist or another stylist professional, you may be on the journey to discover whether you are ready for the autonomy of business ownership.

For some beauty professionals, they'll gravitate towards how MyLofts salon studio rentals provide them with business ownership freedom and deliver them a head start to success with amenities and the desired location on Whyte Ave that they may not get with finding other salon studios.

For others, the instability of business ownership will make them shy away from going out on their own.

We can help you discover if a MyLofts salon studio is the ideal next chapter in your career. Below, we invite you to take a quiz that will walk you through a series of questions, and depending on your answers, you’ll learn if you’re ready for business ownership.

I’m Ready to Take the Quiz

By taking this quiz, you’ll find out if you’re genuinely looking for the autonomy that a salon studio rental can provide you. In addition, you’ll understand how important the control over the products you sell is and if flexible hours are an absolute must for your career.

How Will I Know if a Salon Studio Rental is Ideal for my Career?

Your quiz results below will surely shine more light on how serious you are about learning the salon studio rental model. However, if you’ve aspired to create your brand, work your desired hours and keep all that you’re earning from your clientele, you’ll lean towards discovering more about salon studio rentals.

What if I’m Not Ready Yet?

Some individuals need more structure and resources around them, and that’s OK. If you’re not ready to market your business consistently and stay on top of your finances, then business ownership isn’t the right decision for you.

This discovery phase all starts with taking the quiz below to truly determine if a salon studio rental at MyLofts is going to be a good fit for you.

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If the opportunity is looking more likely for you, then you should know that MyLofts provides you with the necessary amenities to make your business turnkey, including:

  • Free guest wifi
  • Upscale and private studios.
  • Single and double studios with 10' foot ceilings, oversize 8' foot sliding doors, with limited floor to ceiling windows (plenty of natural light)
  • Custom cabinetry with plenty of storage with space for
  • A mini-fridge.
  • Premium equipment from Savvy and Takara Belmont.
  • Convenience of on-site laundry.
  • Shared common area/break rooms to relax in.
Wherever your career may lead to next, we wish you the best! If you’re ready to learn more about how MyLofts can help make your dreams come true, please contact us at 403.304.9333.


Check what relates to you most, then press SUBMIT and find out what's best for you.



I am seeking independence for my stylist career in Edmonton?

Yes No

I want to be my own boss.

Yes No

I want to control the products I sell to my clientele.

Yes No

I want to keep what I’m earning.

Yes No

I’m capable of managing the finances of my business.

Yes No

I'm capable of marketing my business.

Yes No

I want more flexibility in the hours I work.

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